I was first elected to stand up for Republican values in 2014. I'm proud of my record in the House of Representatives fighting for you and your family. I thank you for your support, and pledge to continue serving you by supporting individual liberty and common sense public policy.

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Member of the House of Representatives and its Pro-Life and 2nd Amendment caucuses since 2014

Prime sponsor of HB836 to terminate Tom Wolf's disaster emergency declaration in 2020

Prime sponsor of HB1717 to prohibit no-excuse mail-in voting by constitutional amendment

Prime sponsor of HB261, HB262, and HB2013 to protect Pennsylvanians from blanket vaccine mandates

Prime sponsor of HB1532 to stop our schools from indoctrinating children with Critical Race Theory

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Election Integrity

Medical Freedom

Protecting Life

Stopping Tom Wolf

School Issues

Mask Mandates

Firearms Rights

The Winning Experience

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