It's Time to Put PA on the Right Track

There's a slight chill in the air and fall is just around the corner. But instead of my usual cheerful anticipation of football season, pumpkin spice everything, and tumbling leaves, I am in disbelief that both spring and summer are mostly behind us and were completely ruined by the ridiculous and data-free edicts of Tom Wolf and Rachel Levine.

September and October bring a return to session in Harrisburg for the General Assembly, and while we will certainly be focusing on making sure the upcoming election runs smoothly and securely as well as moving a bill to allow parents and spectators at school sports events, I will be putting my efforts behind five pieces of legislation which are critical to protecting the rights of all Pennsylvanians.

House Resolution 836 is the concurrent resolution to terminate Tom Wolf's COVID-19 disaster emergency. A Supreme Court ruling has forced us to consider a vote to override Wolf's disapproval of ending the disaster emergency. Let's face it, emergencies are temporary and this one is long over. It's time to deny Wolf any further dictatorial authority.

House Bill 2731 would establish a Right to Refuse invasive medical testing and vaccinations in the workplace without retribution. Pre-employment drug screening and federal requirements would be exempt from this law. You shouldn't have to subject your body to other invasive and/or rushed-to-market procedures simply to keep your job.

House Bill 2803 would provide a direct property tax credit for parents who pay private education costs. With uncertainty in the public system, parents should not be punished financially for weighing other, more suitable options for a reliable education.

House Bill 2804 will help protect your electronic privacy. If you have a smart phone, you've probably already downloaded a COVID-19 contact tracing feature as part of a software update. Were you asked if you wanted that feature on your phone? Could it also be set to ON without anyone asking you? Under this law, no GPS data, images, photographs, audio files, or data from a microphone could be transmitted from your electronic devices without your explicit consent.

House Bill 2805 would protect your ability to pay in cash. This law would prohibit the refusal of cash payment for in-person transactions under $500. Electronic payment records could be used by corporations in cooperation with government to track your whereabouts. Paying in cash protects your privacy when shopping for groceries and other consumer goods.

As the birthplace of liberty, Pennsylvania should strive to be the nation's gold standard for choice and privacy. These efforts will put us on that path and reverse the dangerous direction in which Tom Wolf and Rachel Levine have steered the Commonwealth over the last six months.

Six months is a long time. Too long. It's time to put Pennsylvania on the right track. I will continue to fight tooth and nail for your freedom.

Help Me Fight Wolf & Levine

If you live in the 102nd District, could you help me out by placing a sign in your yard to show your support? Just drop a line to including your name, street address and phone number, and we'll get one to you ASAP!

The 102nd District includes the townships of Annville, Bethel, Cold Spring, Heidelberg, Jackson, Millcreek, North Lebanon, South Lebanon, Swatara, Union and West Lebanon, as well as the the boroughs of Cleona, Jonestown, Myerstown and Richland.

Even if you don't live here in the 102nd District, you can still help by making a contribution to my re-election campaign using the easy one-click buttons below this message. This is critical because we know the Democrats will be pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into Pennsylvania this year.

They'll be gunning not just for the President, but also for people like me who refuse to back down. They'd rather have someone in Harrisburg who will march in lockstep with Tom Wolf and Rachel Levine, and they will be sending my opponent a good bit of money to try to make that happen.

I'm proud of the stand I've taken and the work I've put in to stand up for your rights in Harrisburg. It's clear that I've been effective and that I've gotten under Wolf's skin. Otherwise, he wouldn't be attempting to punish Lebanon County in so many different ways. The only science he's following is political science. He wants to silence me, in a personalized version of the left's "cancel culture."

But I won't be silenced. I won't stand down. I will continue to be Tom Wolf's worst nightmare. Your liberty and your right to live and work as a free individual is too important to give up now. We are in the fight of our lifetimes.

I would be honored and grateful if you could help out by placing a sign in your yard or making a contribution to my re-election campaign.

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