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If you aren't familiar with the story of August Landmesser, the man widely believed to have refused to offer the Nazi salute in the photo above, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with it here. This man was a hero who stood up for his beliefs and risked everything by doing so. I'm not sure if Mr. Landmesser was the first German to stand up, but in trying times somebody has to be first.

After Tom Wolf declared his Covid-19 disaster emergency on March 6, 2020, it took Pennsylvania 462 days, multiple battles on the House and Senate floors, a Supreme Court showdown, and two historic constitutional amendments to finally end the governor's tyrannical rampage on June 10, 2021 with the adoption of House Resolution 106. But on Day 11 of that timeline, I was the first legislator to suggest a concurrent resolution to terminate the disaster emergency. I was roundly criticized at the time, but I was right.

I was also the first legislator to openly challenge the governor's mask mandate in May 2020, and the only voice in the wilderness in July 2020 to point out the potential for developmental problems by forcing children to be masked and socially distant. I was roundly criticized for those positions as well, but we're now finding out that I was right.

While Rachel Levine was shoving Covid positive patients into crowded nursing homes, it was my team that pieced together the puzzle revealing that Levine secretly moved her own mother out of a personal care home to protect her from what other Pennsylvanians were being forced to endure under her daughter's tenure. We gave that information to the media, who questioned Levine about it at a press conference, and I promptly introduced a resolution calling for her resignation. Because of our work, the Mother Levine episode will forever be a part of Dr. Levine's legacy, no matter how high she climbs the national political ladder.

And in July 2020 – months before any Covid-19 vaccine even existed – I suspected there would be a need to protect Pennsylvanians from vaccine mandates and floated my Right to Refuse Act, now known as HB262, which currently awaits a vote on the House floor. I've also introduced HB2013, a much broader constitutional amendment to establish medical freedom as a fundamental individual right. That bill is now being lauded as model language for states to adopt across the nation to defeat federal tyranny. With several federal courts now ruling against Biden's vaccine mandates, it turns out I was right about this as well.

While I am certainly no August Landmesser, despite all the criticism I've received from the left over the last 20 months, I'm proud to have stood up for what's right for your family, for your individual rights, and for Pennsylvania. I am also encouraged by other Pennsylvanians who have taken it upon themselves to stand up to school boards, executive overreach, and tyrannical mandates.

It is my intention to continue to stand up against the tide of tyranny, as long as you want me to continue doing it. But I cannot do it without your help.

As another election year approaches, I need your help to stand up to the tyrants on the left who will stop at nothing to try to get their way. You've seen how they've created chaos over the last couple years. They closed businesses and schools. They sent Covid+ patients into nursing homes. They ruined the economy. They fought all our efforts to end the needless lockdowns. They rejected election integrity. They're fighting against medical freedom. They're actively trying to manipulate the upcoming redistricting process.

In 2020, they spent over $30 million to secure a majority in the House of Representatives. We held them off, but in 2022 they will try again. Your liberty and your rights to live, work, gather, worship, and remain a free individual are too important to give up now. We are in the fight of our lifetimes. I would be honored and grateful if you would stand with me by making a contribution to my campaign committee so I can continue to stand up for you, your family, and your individual rights.
Russ Diamond

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