Q: Which PA legislator was the first to propose terminating Tom Wolf's Covid-lockdown disaster emergency, just 11 days into that 462-day nightmare?

A: State Representative Russ Diamond, in his co-sponsor memo for HR836 on March 17, 2020. HR836 was approved by both the House and Senate on June 9, 2020. The measure then went before the PA Supreme Court, which led to two proposed constitutional amendments, which were approved by voters on May 18, 2021 to finally curb the governor's emergency powers.

Q: After the constitutional amendments were approved, which PA legislator offered the amendment to convert a partial termination resolution into a full termination measure to finally bring Tom Wolf's lockdown madness to a halt?

A: State Representative Russ Diamond, with Amendment A1183 to House Resolution 106.

Q: Which PA legislator was the first to publicly sound the alarm on the long-term negative consequences of school closings, mask mandates, and other blunders from the Wolf Administration?

A: State Representative Russ Diamond, in a July 12, 2020 blog post.

Q: Which PA legislator first introduced a bill to protect Pennsylvanians against vaccine mandates long before any vaccine was even available, and continues to advocate for medical freedom for the citizens of our Commonwealth?

A: State Representative Russ Diamond, with his HB2731, HB262, and HB2013, a constitutional amendment establishing medical freedom as an individual right.

Q: Which PA legislator was among the plaintiffs to sue three counties to stop Big Tech interference (a/k/a Center for Tech and Civic Life/CTCL/"Zuckerbucks") in Pennsylvania's elections, months before the 2020 General Election?

A: State Representative Russ Diamond, in Pennsylvania Voters Alliance et al v. Centre County et al.

Q: Who is the only PA legislator to propose a constitutional amendment to explicitly prohibit no-excuse mail-in voting?

A: State Representative Russ Diamond, with his HB1717.

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In 2022, Pennsylvania will elect a new Governor and Lieutenant Governor. These two individuals will shape the path forward for our Commonwealth. My question to you is this: Do you want them to continue down the disastrous path Tom Wolf, John Fetterman, and Joe Biden are currently leading us down? Or would you prefer to have someone on that team who's been out front and actively fighting for common sense, your family, and your freedom over the last few years?

I'm seeking the PAGOP endorsement for Lieutenant Governor because I believe Pennsylvania needs to get back on the right track, and to help our next Republican Governor get the job done. I'm asking you to join me in this effort by sharing this post with others, and by making a contribution to my campaign today. With your help, Pennsylvania can do better!

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