Vote Russ Diamond for State Representative

September 7, 2022

The Democrats are pulling out all the stops to ruin our way of life.

They shut down businesses. They kept kids from attending school. They mandated masks and questionable vaccines.

They gamed the system to win elections. They gerrymandered legislative districts to win seats they couldn't otherwise win.

They want to abort babies right up until the moment of birth. They want to expose kids to all manner of sexualization and depravity. They want to classify children as oppressors and victims.

They politicized the FBI and the Department of Justice. They called concerned parents "terrorists."

They ruined the economy with a flick of a switch. It took them less than a year to send the prices of food, fuel and housing skyrocketing.

And now, because you object to all their efforts and failures, Joe Biden is unbelievably calling you an "extremist" and a "threat to democracy."

Enough is enough.

I fought against Tom Wolf's lockdowns and knuckleheaded Covid policies. I fought for election integrity. I fought for medical freedom. I fought for life, and for transparency and decency in our schools. I fought for sensible energy policy and for struggling homeowners and farmers.

As November's election approaches, I'm asking for your help to continue fighting against the plans of Joe Biden, Tom Wolf, Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman.

You can help by making a contribution to my re-election campaign below so I can continue to fight for our way of life in Harrisburg.

We must hang together to stop the Democrats this year. If we don't hang together, we will most certainly hang separately.

Thank you for your continued support.
Russ Diamond

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