The Emperor Has No Clothes

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July 1, 2024

If you watched the presidential debate last Thursday night, you witnessed a pivotal moment in American history. The unveiling of a pitifully weak and feeble man in charge of the nuclear button before 81 million live viewers sent shock waves across the world. Democrat operatives now wrestle with a 'should he stay or should he go' question that really is a no-win situation for them.

Many have long questioned Joe Biden's cognitive ability, but those questions were definitively answered at the debate. As recently as last winter, Biden's handlers were able to manage the situation and prop him up enough to deliver a fiery State of the Union address.

But now, even with an entire week to adjust his sleep schedule, prep him on the issues, and/or inject him with a cocktail of drugs, covering up his cognitive deterioration is no longer possible. The masses have witnessed it first-hand.

Stick With Biden, or Replace Him?

If the Democrat powers that be decide to stick with Biden as their nominee for President, they'll be betting all their marbles on a sinking ship. Not only do they risk losing the presidency, but every single Democrat up and down the ballot this fall will need to answer as to why they are supporting the re-election of a President who clearly is not competent.

Despite anyone's best efforts to the contrary, elections are not won on policy points or logic and reason. Elections are won on emotion. And now that the masses have personally witnessed Biden's diminished capacity, doubts about his fitness for office will remain firmly rooted in their decision making process until Election Day.

If the powers that be decide to replace Biden, the question is with whom? Kamala Harris? Her negative polling numbers are worse than Biden's, and very few take her seriously. She's done nothing to distinguish herself as a leader and remains a regular topic of public scorn. If not her, then just about anyone else currently being discussed also has a dismal track record and baggage of their own to overcome.

And let's not forget that Harris was selected as Biden's VP in 2020 not for her abilities, but because she is a woman of color. Replacing Biden with anyone but her would pop the balloon of DEI that Democrats have embraced as gospel for a better world.

The Emperor Unclothed

The emperor in this unveiling is not Biden himself, but the Democrat Party operatives who have been covering for him and the mainstream media that serves as their propaganda machine. It really doesn't matter if they replace Biden or not; they have a lot of explaining to do for not telling the truth about Biden.

They knew long ago that Biden is not up to the task, but have waged a constant campaign to convince the masses otherwise. They engineered a non-competitive primary election cycle for Biden based on those lies. If anything is a "threat to democracy," there you have it.

Most who have been paying attention have presumed Biden's slipping cognitive abilities for a long time, so while it's somewhat stunning to see it writ large like we did on Thursday, it comes as no surprise. But for the average American voter, the debate was a stark and shocking portrait of a President whose faculties are woefully sub-par.

His performance cannot be written off as a "cheap fake" or mere Republican hype. And while the main discussion right now is over whether Biden should remain as the Democrat candidate for President, there is also the more important question of whether he should remain President at all. The debate didn't just highlight a fellow lacking the wherewithal and stamina to mount a campaign, but a man unqualified to have his finger on the nuclear button.

Our Mission Remains the Same

As Republicans, we should not get caught up in what the Democrats do now. Our script has already been written. That the Emperor has no clothes is just another arrow in our quiver, enhancing our chances of electoral victories in November.

We already know the Democrats will do anything to hold on to political power. They changed the rules for conducting elections on-the-fly in 2020 to win. They manipulated the redistricting process in 2021 to create an unnatural advantage in Pennsylvania. And in the PA House of Representatives, they have bent the rules and used their slim majority to prioritize winning the next election over actually governing.

What happens with Biden will only be one more instance of Democrats pulling out all the stops for the sake of remaining in power. Republicans should continue to focus on defeating them at all levels.

Here in Lebanon County, I am working with our county committee on efforts to increase our vote-by-mail totals among infrequent voters to bolster vote totals for Donald Trump, Dave McCormick for Senate, and the rest of our statewide candidates. In Harrisburg, I am working with the House Republican Campaign Committee to help win back the majority in the PA House of Representatives.

I have already made considerable contributions to these efforts, and will continue to do so over the summer and fall. The 2024 election cycle will decide the future of our commonwealth and the nation. I'm all in for victory, and I'm asking you to join me by making a contribution to these efforts.
Russ Diamond

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