I Am 100% Pro-2nd Amendment

While the 2nd Amendment is a fine snippet of constitutional language at the federal level, I prefer Article I Section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, which is much more clear and to the point:

ยง 21. Right to bear arms.

The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.

Anyone can make promises and talk a good talk. I have walked the walk and made the votes on the floor of the House of Representatives that count.

I have enthusiatically co-sponsored, supported, and voted for bills for constitutional carry and local preemption, even knowing that Tom Wolf would likely veto them. I will continue to support every effort in Pennsylvania to strengthen the protection of your firearms rights.

As a member of the House 2nd Amendment caucus during every one of my four terms in Harrisburg, I take standing up for firearms rights and self-defense seriously.

When leftists like Josh Shapiro, Tom Wolf, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris threaten the rights of gun owners, but ignore the utter failures of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, it's an insult to every law-abiding Pennsylvanian.

I will never back down from protecting your right to bear arms in defense of yourself and your family.

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