I Fought the Mask Mandates

When Tom Wolf first recommended masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by asymptomatic individuals, I believed it was reasonable advice due to reports of asymptomatic individuals spreading the disease elsewhere.

I even hustled over that first weekend to procure Pennsylvania manufactured masks for the General Assembly instead of the cheap cloth masks produced by prison labor the Governor provided us.

I delivered two cases of high quality masks manufactured by a Schuylkill County company to the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives on a Sunday afternoon before we were scheduled to return to session again.

But once it was revealed that the first asymptomatic person reported to spread the disease internationally actually did present with symptoms, and then watching as the world ignored that correction and Wolf turned his recommendation into a mandate, I was done.

I had also heard that Democrats and others in Harrisburg were keeping a close eye on Republican legislators in an attempt to politicize Covid. In response, I purposely posted an anti-mask message on social media to see if that was true.

Sure enough, all manner of people who were not connected to me on social media began to appear in an obvious attempt to shame me with a "gotcha" moment. Examining their online profiles provided confirmation that what I heard was true. The vast majority of them were state employees, SEIU members, and even some employees within cabinet-level departments of the Wolf Administration.

That's when I knew we were being bamboozled, at least at some level. Politicizing a health crisis is a sure sign that it's not really the crisis they're making it out to be.

Further, the ever-shifting sands of masking advice from the CDC, the WHO, and of course the worst of them all - Dr. Anthony Fauci - only underscored justification for the American people to question all aspects of the official Covid-narrative.

Recent studies and reports have actually begun to reveal that skepticism of mask mandates and other blanket mitigation schemes has been entirely justified.

While the recent unanimous PA Supreme Court decision against the former Acting Secretary of Health's school mask mandate did not speak to the efficacy of the cheap cloth masks that most kids have been saddled with wearing, it certainly did point out that the Wolf Administration is not averse to working outside of the law. If they violated the law for a goofy mask mandate, then what other areas of law have they been willing to skirt to do whatever they think they can get away with?

My stance against the data- and science-free mask mandates was correct. I will continue to take such principled stances, even when the popular winds are against me. Leadership sometimes requires one to speak and act against the mainstream narrative, because it's the right thing to do.

When one has actual principles, it's easy to apply them to any given practical situation, despite arguments lobbed by those fueled by fear and other emotions.

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