Diamond Secures Ballot Slot for Lt. Governor

March 15, 2022

[HARRISBURG] - State Representative Russ Diamond (R–Lebanon) today filed the necessary paperwork to qualify to have his name on the ballot for Lieutenant Governor in the Republican Primary Election on May 17.

Candidates for Lieutenant Governor are required to obtain the signatures of 1000 Pennsylvania Republican voters, including at least 100 signatures from five different counties. Diamond filed a total of 3386 signatures, including at least 100 from 13 different counties.

"This was a true grassroots effort," Diamond said. "I did not use paid petition circulators, nor did I hire costly staff to manage this effort. I simply put the word out, made petitions available to the people of Pennsylvania, and they delivered."

Candidates for Lieutenant Governor run separately from candidates for Governor in the Primary Election, with the winners tied together as a team for the General Election in November.

"This is like an arranged marriage with the voters serving as matchmaker," Diamond added. "It is my hope that Republican voters nominate a team for November which will maximize voter enthusiasm for the Republican ticket. With two people on that ticket instead of one, we need make sure they compliment, but do not clash, with each other."

When asked which gubernatorial candidate he'd prefer as a running mate, Diamond said, "It would be very shortsighted to announce a preferred running mate at this time. It's just not the way it works in Pennsylvania, and doing so would create an awkward situation if that candidate doesn't win the primary. Republicans need to be absolutely united to win in November and can't afford any sort of awkward pause before taking on the Democrats."

"I'm willing to work with whichever candidate the voters select to be my running mate. I'm uniquely qualified to help our next Governor defeat Josh Shapiro, hit the ground running in Harrisburg to turn this state around, and to step into the role of Governor if, God forbid, some tragedy occurs. Over the next nine weeks, Republican voters will make their decision on who to pair me up with. " Diamond concluded.

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